RF CO2 Laser Tube Refill & Repair

RF CO2 Laser Tube Refill & Repair

Our company has a professional high vacuum technology bake, inflation & exhaust system ,these machinery equipment specifically refill for the different brand and models.

we provide metal RF tube recharge ,like SYNRAD, UNIVERSAL, COHERENT, DEOS, LUMONICS, ROFIN etc. We have a strict process to control then filling suitable pressure and appropriate proportion of mixed gas to make therf laser tube full-recovery the original energy output.



1.  Please pack your RF metal tube well, and remove or hide the famous brand, becuase famous brand, we need to pay for heavy import tax, If remove or hide the famous brand, it can pay less import tax or avoiding the tax. 

2.  If you have several pcs of RF laser tube need to send together, please try to don't over 50KG in one shipment. If total weight more over 50kg, please split the shipment in two or three shimpent. 

3.  When the goods arrived, we will test it first.Then we will tell you the RF laser tube problems. Need to refill or repair. After you agree, we will refill and reapir the laser tube for you.

4.  After it is ok, we wil send the bill to you. and then after you pay for payment, we will send back the laser tube to you.

SPT laser has the most professionally designed high vaccum oven, high precision charge discharge systems and devices for RF laser tubes from different brands and specifications ( Now we have the professional equipments for RF laser tubes with brand like UNIVERSAL, SYNRAD,COHERENT, DEOS, LUMONICS,etc.)

To make sure the RF laser tube could get the same ouput as before, each RF laser tube is refilled with proper mixed laser gas of right pressure and proportion under very strict and accurate control system.

Maintenance list:

  • RF laser tube power supply maintenance

  • RF laser tube laser resonator maintenance

  • RF laser tube laser system maintenance

  • RF laser tube gas refilling


RF metal co2 laser tube is widely used for co2 laser marking and high quality laser engraving on expensive non-metal materials.

Due to its high stability, high density laser beam and perfect markign performance as well as long lifetime, it is very popular in laser industry.

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