T50 --- 50W CO2 LASER TUBE

T50 --- 50W CO2 LASER TUBE

The T collection CO2 laser tubes adopt new sealing technology. In order to ensure the consistency of the quality of laser tubes, strict scientific quality control is carried out from the firing of laser tube blanks to the catalytic coating, grinding of the resonator cavity, and high precision gas charging process. Each operational process has precise digital control.

SPT-T50 Main Parameters

 Model: T50

 Rated power: 50W

 Wavelength: 10.6μm

 Excitation mode: Electrical excitation

 Length: 1000±5mm

 Max. power: 70W

 Diameter: 50±1mm

 Stability: ≤±5%

 Beam divergence angle: 3.1mrad

 Cooling: Water-cooled 15-25℃

 Strating current: 5mA

 Strating voltage: 18kV

Working voltage: 14kV Recommended current: 18mA
Maxmun working current: ≤20mA Spot diameter: 4±1mm

 Modulatedfrequency: ≤3kHz

 Beam quality: ≤1.1

 Laser mode: Multi-low-order mode

 Net weight: 1.24kg

 Gross weight: 1.84kg

 Carton package: 1130*130*110mm

Laser tube Insufficient carving depth:

If at the beginning the carving is not deep, please check the following problems in order:

1. Check if the bearing of the co2 laser tube is appropriate;

2. Check if the light intensity is set too low;

3. Check if the light path has shifted;

4. Check if the focal distance is correct;

5. Check if there are any scratches and dirt on the surface of the lens;

6. Check if the flow rate and pressure of the cooling water are correct.

After working for a while, cutting depth is not deep enough anymore:

1. Check if the bearing of the co2 laser tube is appropriate;

2. Check if the water temperature normal;

3. Check if the lens gets hot when it is being used;

4. Check if the flow rate and pressure of the cooling water is correct;

5. Check if the cooling water is clean;

High voltage ignition and discharge:

1. Check for dirt or dampness around the high-pressure head of the laser tube;

2. Check if the high-pressure end or joint are too close to the metal part of the machine;

3. Check if the laser power supply high-voltage connection device is detached from the support;

4. Check if the high-voltage connection device is broken or damaged;

5. Check if the low water temperature leads to water condensation in the tube’s walls and sleeves;

* If none of the above descriptions apply, please contact our company’s after-sales service for consultation and treatment.

Laser tube broken:

1. Low water temperature leads to water freezing inside the glass laser tube;

2. There is no water in the laser tube;

3. Water pressure is too low;

4. Check if the direction of the water flow complies with low input and high output. The water-cooled tube of the laser tube may not be filled with water, and causing partial heating of the co2 laser tube.

High voltage discharge and breakdown:


1.  The laser power supply does not work with different specifications (such as using a high-power supply for low-power laser tubes). Exceeding the specified voltage that the laser tube can withstand leads to damage of the laser tube.;

2.  The water cooling condition is not good. The cooling water does not fill the whole pipe and air bubbles appear. At the places where there is no water cooling, the temperature is too high, causing glass material to change and damaging to the glass of the laser tubes;

3. The glass material has tiny bubbles or uneven thickness due to the influence of temperature, raw material, technology and other factors during the production of glass material. Damage to the weak areas under high voltage can cause discharge;

Fault detection instructions for using laser power supply:

The following detection methods apply when the laser tube is not externally damaged

1. If the laser power supply has a wear detection function, then when the laser is in a standby state, press the test switch to turn on the laser’s lights and there will be a laser output from the laser tube. If the light does not turn on, then there is a laser power supply failure; If the lights turn on, but there is no laser output, then the laser tube is broken.

2. If the laser power supply does not have wear detection functions, the signal ports 5V and IN of the laser power supply are connected by wires; the three ports of L, P, and G are connected. When the laser power supply is turned on and the current is over 10 mA, if there is no laser output or if the laser energy output is weak, it means that the laser tube is damaged. If the current is below 10 mA, then the laser power supply is broken.


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