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Nowadays, there are lots of 2D fiber laser marking machines available in the market, which meet most of the laser marking applications, such as Logo making, serial number, technical spec & other design marking on metals (cooper, iron, steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, aluminum alloy and etc) and ABS, etc. Ordinary fiber laser marking machines are usually used for flat surface marking on small working area, like 70*70mm, 110*110mm, 160*160mm, 200*200mm, and small cylinder rotating marking. They are mostly configured with small power laser source as well, like 10w and 20w laser source from IPG, SPI, RAYCUS, MAXPHOTONICS.

In the past 2 years, with the popularization of fiber laser marking machines, more and more high-end laser marking requirements show up in the market. For example, larger format laser marking up to  400*400mm and more, laser marking on curve surface and irregular surface, deep engraving & 3d relief. The problem is, those high-end applications can’t be done with 2D laser marking machines, to meet the needs from customers, here comes the new generation fiber laser marking machine accordingly ---3D fiber laser marking machine.

3D fiber laser marking machine adopts advanced Z axis dynamic focusing technology and layered engraving technology, which makes it the optimal choice for new laser marking requirements as below:

1.       Large format laser marking

As we all know, the biggest working area can be achieved with ordinary fiber laser marking machine is 200*200mm, only can get little bigger working area by moving table and splicing marking. What if customers need working area like 300*300mm, 400*400mm, 500*500mm, 600*600mm, and more? Then 3D fiber laser marking technology is your best choice to meet the demand easily and perfectly.

laser tube for laser machine

2.       Curve surface & irregular surface laser marking

In the past, fiber laser marking machine can only mark on cylinders with rotary system. But now, 3D fiber laser marking machine marks on curve surface, irregular surface easily with no help.

CO2 laser tube for machine

3.       Deep engraving and relief

Thanks to 3 axis dynamic focusing technology and layered engraving technology, the focal length is adjusted and compensated automatically by software control according to different points within working area, which helps 3D fiber laser marking machine able to do deep engraving and embossing work like mould making on die steel easily with high precision.

CO2 laser tube for machine

For now, in the global laser marking market, there are only few factories can produce whole set integrated system and perfect 3d fiber laser marking technology from hardware, optical design to software. Those companies are Germany SCANLAB, RAYLASE, USA CTI & China Feeltek laser.