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25th - 27th July , 2022, “China marking Digital packaging Expo” was held at China Optics Valley Convention & Exhibition Center.

The theme of this exhibition is“Innovation, Technology, Digital Intelligence”, fully shows the new technology, new equipment, new material, new concept of the whole industry chain of Packaging and inkjet logo. Mainly focusing on advanced intelligence produce technology.
China Optics Valley Convention & Exhibition Center

SPT laser brings the CO2 Radio Frequency laser to the exhibition. CO2 Radio Frequency laser has the high beam quality, Output excellent laser beam and stable power, high photoelectric conversion efficiency, fast modulation response, can be using for laser flying marking of plastic, wood and ceramic etc...
Products from left to right: N30Pro+, F10, Q150  RF laser
Products from left to right: N30Pro+, F10, Q150  RF laser

N30Pro+ RF laser provides Third generation Coaxial red pointed, Build-in beam expanding mirror for different customized plan, which greatly increase the efficiency..

Third generation Coaxial red pointed, accurate positioning light path, makes light path visible, easier to adjust, safer to using it.

Build-in beam expanding mirror3/4/5 times expanding mirror available, makes the beam energy distribution more uniform, machining accuracy higher. The overall assembly time has been improved by more than 30%.
CO2 RF laser
CO2 RF laser N30Pro+

At the scene, SPT team provides professional interpretation for industry participant with their solid professional knowledge. Deathly analysis of product performance and application solutions.

SPT laser always adhere to the brand conceptSTABILITY AT THE CORE, provide durable laser, jointly accelerate the promotion of intelligent reform, high-end development process of packaging supply chain in China, help industry to the new manufacturingtransformation and upgrading.