Laser Info

Laser tube is the key part on laser cutting machines which supplies the power for cutting/engraving. It is commonly made of high-quality hard glass in sleeve type structure. The most inner layer is the discharge tube, the second layer is water-cooled jacket, the outer layer is the gas pipe. Co2 laser discharge tube is bigger then the one in He-Ne laser tube. The thickness of the discharge tube generally has no effect on the laser output power, what matters is the laser tube length. And output power is proportional to the length of the discharge tube. In a certain length, the output power per meter length of the discharge tube increases with the total length. The Objective of water-cooing is to cool the working laser gas to keep the output power stable. Gas discharge tube is connected to the gas tube at both ends. The discharge tube is connected to the gas tube by a hole on one end, another end is interlinked by a spiral tube. Thus the laser gas keeps moving circularly between gas tube and discharge tube while laser tube is working.

SPT Laser tube

Discharge tube in SPT laser tube is directly imported from Germany in high quality. It has very high collimation which promises excellent laser spot and stable laser output.