C90---90w CO2 Laser Tube

Minimum Order : 1 , Pieces

Product Model: C90

Scope of application: cutting and carving non-metallic materials/medical/scientific research

Laser Power: ≥90W

Tube length: 1250mm


Model: C90

Rated power: 90W

Wavelength: 10.6μm

Max. power: 100W

Length: 1250±5mm

Stability: ≤±5%

Diameter: 80±1mm

Excitation mode: DC high voltage excitation

Ignition voltage: 21-23KV

Cooling: Water-cooled 15-25℃

Beam divergence angle: 3.1mrad

Operating voltage: 15-16KV

Pulse frequency: 100% to 5KHZ

Beam quality: ≤1.1

Ignition current: 4-5mA

Net weight: 2.52Kg

Working current: 20-25mA

Laser mode: Fundamental Mode

Spot diameter: 5±1mm

Carton size: 1380*173*155mm

C series co2 laser tube has features of high quality laser beam, high cutting speed, small volume, and extended life of laser tube. Our unique laser coating technology enhances the laser tube power and improves its lifetime.

To ensure consistency of the laser tube quality, we carry out precise digital control and very strict quality control in ourprocess of production from laser tube blank firing process, resonant cavity catalyst coating, grinding mirror mounting and high accuracy gas charge technique.


Safety Instructions

1. Optical Safety

It’s a Class4 laser machine with a wavelength of 10.6 microns. All personnel are advised to wear approved laser protective glasses, and to not look directly at the laser beam or any reflected laser beam, even when wearing laser protective glasses.

Warning: Laser radiation can cause serious eye damage, including blindness.

- Do not directly point the beam of light to reflective objects.

- It is strongly recommended to place the height of the laser outside of eye level, and to not point towards the entrance of the room. Be careful not to shoot the laser out of the window.

- The interaction between the light beam and some materials can cause visible light radiation, and may cause the same potential hazards as visible light radiation. In this situation, appropriate protective measures must be taken.

2. Electric Power Safety

Warning: The ignition voltage of CO2 laser tube is close to 35KV, which creates high-voltage power supply within and between the laser tubes. The device contains a lethal DC voltage that can persist even after power is turned off.

- Do not open the outer cover of the laser power supply. Only qualified technicians who are familiar with the equipment should carry out relevant operations.

- There is no electrical hazard in the normal operation of the system, but the high voltage insulation cover needs to be in the correct position and be well grounded.

- Operating the system when the high voltage insulation cover is removed or the high voltage power supply is not shielded may pose a risk of exposure to high voltage. Therefore, pay particular attention to safety.

Matters needing attention

1. Connection to Laser Power Supply

The high voltage (HV+) must be connected to the anode (reflector end) of the CO2 laser tube.

The electric circuit of the laser power supply is connected to the cathode (output end) of the CO2 laser tube by ammeter (or directly).

2. Laser Tube Cooling

To ensure that the laser is connected with water protection, please follow the following steps:
Connect the cooling water first, so that the water flow in the laser tube circulates according to the requirements of the low inlet and high outlet.
Adjust the position of the outlet pipe to ensure that the water-cooling pipes are filled with cooling water and there are no bubbles. Then turn on the power.

Requirements: Use distilled or pure water as cooling water. Pay attention to the temperature of cooling water. Water temperature should be controlled between 15-30℃, not too high and not too low. Especially during the summer, if you find that the water temperature is too high, change the cooling water or momentarily shut it down. In cold areas, ensure that the cooling water does not freeze, especially after the laser is shut down. No cooling water should be stored in the laser tube in order to avoid freezing of cooling water and the consequential bursting of the laser tube. (Special Attention for AC users: The cooling water tank must be linked to the ground)

The flow rate of cooling water should be controlled to 2L-7L/min. Otherwise, the cooling effect is not appropriate, it will cause mode jumps and the power of laser tubes will decrease due to the variation of light spot. The cooling water return port (outlet) must be submerged in the water tank, otherwise the cooling water irrigation in the laser tube will be unsatisfactory every time the laser tube is shut down or turned on.

3. Optimum Support Point for Laser Tube Installation The laser tube’s position on the laser tube bracket must match the recommendation from the laser tube’s manufacturer (see laser tube label)

4. Protection of the Laser Tube Output Window

Pay attention to protect the laser’s output window, so as to avoid smoke contaminating the surface of the output window during the machine’s operation (Including the debugging of the light path). If the surface of the output window is contaminated, it will cause the laser tube’s power to decrease. When this happens, the output window surface can be gently wiped with dehydrated alcohol dipped in absorbent cotton or silk cloth.

5. While debugging, fix the laser by adjusting its support point or rotating laser direction to achieve the best output.

6. Please be careful: avoid dust accumulation near the high-voltage electrode. In order to prevent high-voltage ignition discharge, keep the high-voltage electrode dry and keep the high-voltage end as far away from metals as possible.

7. During the laser operation, it is necessary to prevent scaling in the water cooling pipe that could cause clogging of the cooling water and worsen the heat dissipation effect. If this is the case, use 20% diluted hydrochloric acid to clean the cooling pipe and remove scaling.

8. Laser machines are glass products, they are fragile. When installing and using, avoid excessive local force.

9. Rationalize the use of laser tubes to save laser energy. The operating current of the laser tube should not exceed the maximum operating current.

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With professional and strong R&D, manufacturing, and sales teams, SPT has a full breadth of perspective on every aspect of laser industry. Focusing on our clients’ demanding needs, we consistently deliver “Build to Last" laser core. As a professional supplier of CO2 laser core, SPT offers comprehensive solutions, incorporating technology and manufacturing customizations matching industries and applications’ demands.

SPT now aims to develop the most advanced and stable laser core ever conceived by balancing a culture of innovation, while striving for consistency and refined systematization of execution. We believe in growing together with our customers, providing high-quality solutions for demanding laser machinery makers and automation integrators.

1. 30w ~ 260w glass CO2 laser tube ( C series, T series, TR series & V series);

3. CO2 RF laser tubes and laser obstacle remover and other laser devices.

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