C80---80w CO2 Laser Tube

Minimum Order : 1 , Pieces

Product Model: C80

Scope of application: cutting and carving non-metallic materials/medical/scientific research

Laser Power: ≥80W

Tube length: 1600mm


Model: C80

Rated power: 80W

Wavelength: 10.6μm

Max. power: 110W

Length: 1600±5mm

Stability: ≤±5%

Diameter: 60±1mm

Excitation mode: DC high voltage excitation

Ignition voltage: 26-28KV

Cooling: Water-cooled 15-25℃

Beam divergence angle:3.1mrad

Operating voltage: 18-19KV

Pulse frequency: 100% to 5KHZ

Beam quality: ≤1.1

Ignition current:4-5mA

Net weight: 2.64Kg

Working current: 20-25mA

Laser mode: Fundamental Mode

Spot diameter: 5±1mm

Carton size: 1730*150*130mm

The C collection CO2 laser tubes have high optical quality, strong cutting force, and high stability. Their advanced vacuum coating technology has further improved the power and service life of the laser tubes. It also provides stable laser sources for high-demand laser machinery manufacturers.

Problems & Solutions & Attentions of laser tube

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With professional and strong R&D, manufacturing, and sales teams, SPT has a full breadth of perspective on every aspect of laser industry. Focusing on our clients’ demanding needs, we consistently deliver “Build to Last" laser core. As a professional supplier of CO2 laser core, SPT offers comprehensive solutions, incorporating technology and manufacturing customizations matching industries and applications’ demands.

SPT now aims to develop the most advanced and stable laser core ever conceived by balancing a culture of innovation, while striving for consistency and refined systematization of execution. We believe in growing together with our customers, providing high-quality solutions for demanding laser machinery makers and automation integrators.

1. 30w ~ 260w glass CO2 laser tube ( C series, T series, TR series & V series);

2. CO2 RF laser tubes;

3. Laser Power Supply;

4. Laser Lens&Mirror

5. Laser obstacle remover and other laser devices.

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