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Company Profile of SPT Laser Technology co.,ltd

SPT Laser Technology Co., Ltd. has always been committed to manufacturing stable lasers to meet the high requirements of application equipment. Based on more than 10 years of rich industry experience from the founding team, a deep understanding of our customer’s needs has been developed. In just a few years, SPT has improved the the entire industry’s manufacturing quality standards.

With leading professional optical R&D, design, manufacturing and sales team, SPT has a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of all aspects of the laser industry. The company focuses on improving the user's product experience and consistently provides "durable" laser sources. As a professional supplier of CO2 laser application process solutions, SPT can provide overall solutions, customised development process, and technology for different fields.

The company's main business: CO2 RF laser, CO2 laser tube, CO2 laser lens, laser power supply and other laser devices.

SPT is designed and tested according to strict industry standards. Its products have passed CNAS certification, EU CE certification, US FDA certification, and won several national patent certificates. SPT has efficient production and research capabilities and a complete quality management system. It has obtained national high-tech enterprise, ISO9001 quality management system certification and SGS international certification.

SPT strives to develop more advanced and stable lasers through innovative culture, and is committed to adhering to the systemic consistency of product quality and perfect implementation. The company adheres to the concept of integrity and responsibility, and grows with customers to provide high-quality laser solutions for demanding laser machinery manufacturers and automation equipment integrators.

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Brand concept: Stability at the core

Company vision: Core supplier of laser industry

Mission of the company: Make great CO2 lasers for the world

Corporate values: Customer-centred, strict quality control, continuous innovation, and sustainable development