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Company Brief of SPT Laser Technology co.,ltd

SPT Laser Technology co.,ltd has always been committed to manufacturing stable laser core for demanding applications. Leveraging our founders' more than 10 years experience in laser industry and deep understanding from the client's point of view, SPT has raised the standard of quality manufacturing of an entire industry in just few years.

With professional and strong R&D, manufacturing, and sales teams, SPT has a full breadth of perspective on every aspect of laser industry. Focusing on our clients’ demanding needs, we consistently deliver “Build to Last" laser core. As a professional supplier of CO2 laser core, SPT offers comprehensive solutions, incorporating technology and manufacturing customizations matching industries and applications’ demands.

SPT product portfolio includes CO2 RF laser tubes, CO2 laser tubes, CO2 laser lenses and mirrors, laser obstacle remover and other laser devices. 

Our strict testing process and commitment to the highest international industry standards has led SPT to an un-matched manufacturing quality and highest possible product performance, certified by CNAS, CE and the FDA, supported by several national technology patents. Our products are designed and tested against rigorous standards, and the entire production process is strictly managed under ISO9001 quality management system and SGS. 

SPT now aims to develop the most advanced and stable laser core ever conceived by balancing a culture of innovation, while striving for consistency and refined systematization of execution. We believe in growing together with our customers, providing high-quality solutions for demanding laser machinery makers and automation integrators. 

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Vision: To be the core supplier in laser industry

Mission: Make fine co2 laser

Value Customer-centric  strict quality control, continuous innovation, and sustainable development